So, this page is devoted to the TRUTH, at least to the extent I can verify it. And, as I haven't written a novel in over ten years, and as my last novel, "Turning Point" published in '2010 by 'Comfort Publishing' never made me any money, I swore I would never write another book again. However, with what is happening right now with the "Great Awakening" I can't help but to want to document the past ten years of my journey from the time I was 'Born Again' and later when I was awakened from the Great Deception. The way I will do this will be through video links and a live manuscript. As I finish each chapter I will post a link below that will take you to a PDF of the manuscript, and as this is a live manuscript you are welcome to contribute or comment on the content as you like, and if I decide what you have to say supports the story or moves it forward I will add you as a contributor. The video links will provide supporting information on what is being said in the manuscript. All this said, I am cognizant that chances are very high that no one will see or read any of this because my web site gets very little traffic. That said, I pray for the armor of God to protect me until this story is written and published, and I write it solely for those who are not awakened to help them comprehend that everything we have been told, taught in school, and trumpeted by the mainstream media has been a lie, and that it is not their fault that they have been hood winked. 

My suggested name of this book will be: 

2020 the great hoax crumbles!
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