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  • I specialize in designing special "Tooling" used in assembly & manufacturing processes. 
  • Beginning with an on-site meeting to discuss the customer needs I will often times produce a concept drawing for my customer to review. There may be several renditions before deciding on the best solution. Once the concept drawing is approved the real work begins, and it moves into Design.
  • Once there is "Design Approval" I will then project manage the job by having the tooling and parts made. That includes providing 2D dimensional & 3D STEP files for each part needed (in whatever file format the Machine Shop and/or Customer requires). Source files are the property of the customer if I am hired for the design work. If my customer has drawings I will "Project Manage" getting the parts made.
  • I generally get several quotes on machining operations and I then discuss the costs and delivery options available with the customer.
  • I create a BOM & Assembly drawings for the customer and I also provide a training video upon final sign-off explaining how to use and set-up the tooling.
  • Digital files are delivered after final payment is made.
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We are a "CAD" services company since '2008.