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Imagine What? CAD Services:
  • Are all your current drawings on paper, or in 2D, and you need 3D assembly drawings. We can help.
  • Do you need a Concept drawing to help sell an idea. We can help.

Imagine What?

  We provide a variety of services including: 
  • Drafting services in both 2D & 3D. Do you have paper drawings and want them converted to DWG, ASIS, Step, or 3DS format (other file formats are available)? We can help. Scan and send us the drawing and we will provide electronic drawings in file formats suitable for your needs. Do you have a hand drawn paper sketch that you need formally drawn either as a concept drawing, or for manufacture? Send it to us and we will provide complete drawings in either 2D or 3D dimensioned in any format you want.
  • Do you have 2D drawings you would like converted to 3D assembly drawings? We can help. We can provide wire-frame, hidden line, or full photo-realistic drawings. We can render concept drawings on products never made before. 
  • Need to bid a project and need not only the concept drawing but a BOM too? We can help.
  • Dimensions can be in any format you choose and two-dimension formats can be had i.e. English/Metric.
  • Tolerances can be specified to meet your manufacturing requirements.

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The final product in 3D
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